6 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Pay Attention in 2019

February 13 2019
6 Digital Marketing Trends every digital marketer should focus in 2019

Latest Digital Marketing Trends Should Focus on


Last year (2018) have seen a lot of new updates in the field of Digital Marketing, which encompasses SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing and more. Google has rolled many updates like Mobile-First Indexing, Google Core Algorithm Update, Schema, AMP, HTTPS deadline and so on

There are 6 factors you should concentrate on this year to stand in this competitive the field. Technology is advancing at a fast pace, we should catch up with the movement to continue our travel in this Digital Marketing field.

Here are six digital marketing trends that we cannot ignore this year:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Chatbots
  • Video Marketing
  • Voice Search
  • Influencer Marketing

Let see all these digital marketing trends one by one in brief.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The Future of Digital Marketing will be relay on Artificial Intelligence

The buying behavior of the customers and understanding the patterns become handy with these artificial brains.  In the past collecting data and analyzing to understand consumer buying behavior is to take a bit of time, with AI it’s all happening in no time. For example, Facebook messenger bots can help you to automate and optimize your customer service.

With the help of data management platforms (DMP), AI can collect information about your users across the internet by using second and third party data storing platforms. By analyzing their buying journeys this can help to personalize their needs and profiles enabling you to target your potential leads.

Artificial Intelligence is not just a digital marketing trend, it is going to be the future of every business module.


Programmatic Advertising:


Programmatic Ads refers to the use of software to buy digital advertising, whereas the traditional method includes proposals, tenders, quotes, and negotiation. Programmatic buying uses algorithms and machines to buy digital space.

Emarketer predicts that by 2020, 86.2% of all digital display ads will be bought via automated channels. Programmatic bidding means using AI to automate ad buying so you can target the more specific audience.



Chatbots plays major role in customer support in near future

This Artificial customer support holds a great potentiality in the market. Research by Researchandmarketers.com shows that the global chat bots market is growing by 24.43% during the period of 2018-2022.

Businesses are developing chatbots as virtual assistants in the digital field, using technologies like Machine learning, natural language understanding, and Artificial Intelligence to engage customers. If you are into a business where customer satisfaction is the key to success, then one must invest in chatbots.

Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they are responsive, give answers with no delay, and never lose patience. Uber uses chatbots to communicate with its customers to easily hire cabs.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing earning much attention at present market


Ever since video marketing came into the picture of marketing, it is showing the sign of uptrend year on year. Live streaming always remains at the top of content marketing, the growing popularity of live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social platforms encourages more audience engagement.

Shooting videos with Smartphone and directly communicating with customers by sending personalized messages to increase the chance of building repo and relation.


Video marketing stats

  • 97% of marketers who are using videos as a marketing technique claimed that it has helped users to understand their products and services. (Wyzowl)
  • 72% of businesses owners said videos have a great positive impact on website traffic. (Wyzowl)
  • Videos are generating the best ROI, 51.9% of marketing experts agree. (Forbes)
  • 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. (Forbes)


 Voice Search:

Voice Search is the future of all searches

Hey Siri, what is the temperature in Bangalore?

Hello Google, Where is California?

Alexa,  Call Rita.

See this is the future of search, the smart voice technology is going to grow bigger and bigger. ComScore says that by 2020, 50% of all searches are voice searches.

While writing content, you should aware that keywords should be presented as natural as possible. Do not use old digital marketing technique of stuffing the same keyword all around the content.

Today’s digital assistants are not just understanding voice input and also able to understand the user intent and behavior through available data. Many businesses have included voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver value-based content effectively to their customers. Domino’s turns to Amazon Echo to let customers order pizza using only through their voice.

OC&C Strategy Consultants predicted voice commerce sales reach $40 billion by 2022.


Influencer Marketing:

Word-of-mouth is always a top marketing strategy. people mostly buy the product recommended by their near and dear ones.  Influencer marketing is a stagnant marketing technique never fades out.

People by the product based on other people reviews and opinions on the product, using influencers are a very effective marketing technique to attract a large number of customers. Influencers can be anyone from sports stars to actors, YouTube stars to top brains of the country who help to spread a word about your business or product.

As said above, marketing trends will change at a period of time, Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C brands. B2B brands can leverage them just as well.

Example: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Microsoft partnered with National Geographic and travel photographers for their campaign.

Business Insider said Influencers tend to have higher user engagement than content generated by brands. According to Tomoson, businesses are making $ 6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Earlier influencer marketing was stick to billboard, posters and some media channels. Leveraging influencer marketing in digital Advertising platform sets a new online marketing trend.

Conclusion: 2019 is to be an exciting year for brands to experiment on new ad formats, digital marketing trends changes over a period of time. You need to produce better content to attract an audience along with AI Technology.

The future of digital marketing going to become more authentic and analytical, we  provide Digital Marketing services by embracing new technology which shows a great positive and profit driving impact to our clients to our clients

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