12 Best WordPress Blog Widgets should have on a Website, Best Sidebar Widgets.

Most Useful Blog Widgets for Websites

A widget is an element of a graphical user interface that displays information or provides a specific way for a user to interactWordPress Widgets for the blog are the great way to assist your audience and as well as to improve website performance.

Google’s SEO criteria regularly change and set new trends, and it has turned out to be the critical factor for bloggers and web marketers to use the intensity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels to get free traffic, in order to increase the rankings in search engines.

Let’s give a thought, does this widget features improve the user experience?

Widgets, they make your website blog page super cool with their unique features.  The beauty of the widgets is to keep your blog page or any website pages very attractive and super functional. The usage of this super cool stuff does not only give good user experience, but they also lend their hand to improve the website performance.

In this post, I would like to show you 12 cool and must use the best WordPress widgets on your blog page.

Check your SEO service providers are aware of these super cool WordPress widgets or not.

1) Search Widget for Blog:

Internal Search widget to find the content of the website

Add the search functionality to your blog, which helps in finding the content they are looking for… This improves the user experience. On the other hand, this helps you to find what type of keywords users are searching for and what type of content they are actively looking for. As a bonus, you can use that data for creating a content strategy!

2) Popular post Widget for Blog:

Displaying popular posts on the sidebar encourage your audience to visit the other best posts on your website. It will not only help your user and also it helps to reduce the bounce rate which indirectly spikes up your website performance.

3) Blog Categories Widget:

Blog categories Widget

This is a great way to add a customized menu to the sidebar, this helps to display a few important pages /categories of the posts. This is handy for users who want to find answers to their questions about certain topics.

4) Recent Post Widget for Blog:

List of recent posts on blog listed on Recent Post Widget

Recent post widget will let people know the new piece of content you have posted in the blog.  It will increase the chances of engagement and make the people know how regularly good stuff is publishing on your blog. It will make the audience to engage on your website frequently to check your new posts.

5) Email Subscription Widget for Blog:

It is a magnificent widget helps you and user in multiple ways, by using this you can collect the audience data which will help to expand the business and you can reach the audience whenever you created a new post. By subscribing to your blogs people will get a regular update whenever you posted a new blog through email notification so that they can engage with your website regularly. The more the visitors come to our website the higher the rank we can obtain.

6) Blog Archives Widget:

Archives Widget helps to find the older posts of the Blog

Archives widget helps you to organize previously published blogs by month and year wise. So that the users who would like to read your old article can easily navigate and find the articles.

7) Social Share Buttons Widget for Blog:

Social share widget plays a very crucial role to maximize our post reach and helps to drive more traffic to our blog. These tiny pieces are really a great way to boost our SEO traffic, which is an indirect help it pushes the website to the top of the SERP.

8) Comment Section Widget :

It helps to build a very healthy relationship with our audience, which sends a positive sign and converts them to leads.

9) Simple Contact Form Blog Widget:

A limited fields contact form Widget for Blog

We can give a simple contact form to the user to get in touch with us personally to get the answers for their queries. On the other hand, it makes a Database to our business which is a big asset for any business.

10) Video Widget for Blog:

Video Widget for Blog increase the Engagement of Audience

You can add simple video tutorials in the sidebar to grab the user attention and this encourages to user engagement.

11)Blog Widget for Google Translate:

If you want to target different language visitors, then this is a cool widget. This Google Translate helps in translating the content of your blog to any language.

12) Upcoming Events Widget for Blog:

It is one of the cool widgets to keep in the sidebar of the blog, it let people know our upcoming events and make them plan accordingly.

Wrapping it up:

Still, there are many more cool widgets are there, decide on your own which are the best widgets for the website and blog by considering your business and audience.

Your SEO service provider should know how to use these cool WordPress widgets, do they know?

Your turn to decide, on which SEO service agency has to choose.

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