Best Content Marketing Techniques 2019

November 14 2018
Techniques of Content Marketing to increase website traffic

Why Content Marketing is Important

Days are gone where content means the blog writing of your company or organization use to do. Now, content marketing incorporates a different arrangement of content types and various channels to drive them through.

Content  Marketing is now all about using right content to attract customer and retain and turn them into long lasting customers. And people who use it know the importance of content marketing.

If you are already utilizing web-based social networking, at that point you are doing content advertising to some degree. The next stage is to get a system set up. This guide will help you through why having a content marketing is vital and distinctive ways you can begin without anyone else.

Now we will discuss in details about what is content marketing and how it will help 5 times more to get website traffic.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing helps you to create your brand and share information about your product and services, but most importantly it helps the user to get insightful information, knowledge, ideas etc for better lives.

The Purpose of Content Marketing is to capture the audience attention and target them by creating valuable and accurate content. With the help of content marketing, you can gain the trust of the audience over time and guide them to recognize how your product and services are unique and different.

3 Top  Benefits of Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

Now we will discuss in detail how this top 3 benefits of content marketing will help you grow your business.

1) Content marketing in social media

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms to share content for your campaign.  Sharing your content in social media channels brings quick and customize opportunity to connect with users. You can also go for paid promotion if you want to target your audience according to demographics.




Facebook is one of the fastest and biggest social networks. Sharing your content in the social network helps you to promote your brand, remarketing, brand awareness, audience engagement, lead generation etc.

Facebook Live has changed the traditional press conference. Everything you need for PR is right at your fingertips, and everything is free!




Often a #hastag looks real problem. But think about the way users consume the content. If you fail to create unattractive content, you may lose the users who came to your newspost. A good content brings more traffic and it makes them tweet it out to their audience later.



Linkedin is a professional network. when it comes to professional training, education, jobs, etc Linkedin is one of the best platforms to share your content and promote.




Whatsapp is a personal messaging platform where people talk to family members, connect with friends etc. But as days passing WhatsApp is also used as a business work for sharing information and content. Whatsapp helps in engagement, entertainment, promotion etc.

Whatsapp engagement rate is more than70 %, which goes higher than Facebook. i.e you need to offer consumers, a great content on relevant product or services to ensure that they are engaged with you.




Pinterest can be used both personally and for business. If you are using Pinterest page for your business purpose it will help you to share your content with favorite pictures based on users interests. When actively you will start engaging your business on Pinterest, you will increase the brand awareness, increase website traffic, grow audiences, increase search ranking, bring more leads etc.



Instagram is the fastest way to share any content with a glimpse of pictures and videos. It is appropriate for all type of businesses. Instagram is all about #hastags which will lead the users and followers to a website, give you a better visual experience, user engagement, user-friendly etc.

2) Content marketing for SEO

With the help of SEO, some of the best practices into your content will help you match the highest quality keywords, good impression, rankings,  relevant information with the search queries etc.

  1. Before writing any content, keyword research is necessary because more content means more keywords and you will get enough opportunities to rank on top in Google.
  2. Backlinking: Backlinking is another way to rank your content. Make a user-friendly content that users may want to link and share it.
  3. Bounce rate: Make your content very attractive and compatible for users to read with videos, images, gif, infographic etc that will keep the users engage and reduce bounce rate.

3) Content marketing for the sales

For every business, Sale is an important factor. After a good content, sharing the content in social media, checking SEO effects, at last, every company need a sale in the business.

You need to always check this 3 metrics to get a clear picture of how well any particular blog post or content is doing.

  • Traffic

Increase and decrease in traffic indicates the engagement on your content and whether it is doing well or not. if your content isn’t engaging that means you need to change the way you are presenting your analytics

There are so many tools to measure performance, Google Analytics is one best tool to analyze the landing pages, page views, avg. time spent, bounce rate, social media, and other traffic etc.

With the help of the data, you will able to find out whether your content is user-friendly or not, is bringing enough engagement or not?

  • Engagement

Social share, like, comments, tweets etc indicates how well your content is engaging. This will help the marketers or companies to know which type of audience to target. More the engagement, more the sales.

  • Conversions

If your content is able to bring traffic and the quality audience. The conversion will lead the traffic to revenue. while measuring the conversion rate you can also find via which mode you are getting more traffic and work according to for the success of the business.

5x Important Tips for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to run the successful digital marketing campaign, Here are some key points every content manager should know.

1) Be Consistent

Standing out of the crowd is one of the biggest challenges one can face. In order to perform well with good quality content, trending topic, informative etc. maintain a theme and work hard accordingly. Being consistent is the best way to promote your brand and drive traffic.

2) Understand the user behavior

Measuring the user behavior or path is always helpful to create an opportunity and understand the entire audience. This result will help you to set the content marketing goals.

3) Content Quality

Before starting any content you should always be careful with the quality you are going to give.  Always the longer content performs better than the shorter one is one of the prime content marketing advice. It captures the user attention and will give you the relevant information. It is also helpful in ranking high in the search result.

4) Measure the success of your content with data

As a content manager writing content or blog is not enough. Writing a good quality content is also not enough. A good strategist should always know which type of content is performing according to his/her product and services. Which content is effective and giving the exact information as per the user’s requirement. In another word you need to always watch over your traffic what they are doing, where they are entering and leaving etc. Measuring the data of content marketing will help you to give a better conversion rate.

5) Share your content

Share your posts, blogs, content as much as possible. As well as make your content easy, or else the reader will not share the post so allow them to share your content with one click of a button. Sharing of posts will help create brand awareness, engagement, positive perception, and satisfaction with your business.

6) Use keywords which speak your Brand

Your writing should always reflect your brand values. Using specific keywords which speak about your brand and deals with competitors will always bring more audience and keep your content ranking on top with good SEO.

7) Use Infographic, Videos, and Pictures

When you create a content with a unique voice and easy to understand will always keep your users active. Make use of videos, infographic, pictures to make your content more engaging.

8) CTAs (call-to-actions)

CTAs plays an important role to bring more traffic to your website. Generally, people forget to subscribe to your newsletter, like your pages, share your blogs etc. Call-to-action encourages everyone to do this.CTA

9) Take a look at content mistakes

If you are not an expert in writing you can take the help of many tools online to check grammar errors, spelling mistakes, header, title, hyperlinks, plagiarism etc. All this will be very helpful for your content to be more attractive.

10) Be Original

While writing a content “keep in mind” not to copy paste others content. Otherwise, you may lose your brand, because their content will showcase their brand.  Your original content will always bring more positive traffic because it will be trending.


Content Marketing will always make your website look amazing. I hope now you understood why content marketing is so important for digital marketing success. Use all the good ideas and advantages of content marketing and bring the world together. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

If you have a story to tell, get us in the comments with suggestions, success stories, or anything related to content.

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