Latest SEO Techniques 2018 to Increase Organic Traffic

January 08 2018
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Latest SEO Techniques 

most effective seo techniques 2018






It’s time to plan a very effective SEO strategy for 2018. Some of the Latest SEO techniques that you should follow to keep up your organic results in 2018 are listed below.

1. Digital Assistants and Voice Search

Digital Assistants can carry out certain tasks on behalf of an individual with the help of certain user inputs and access to GPS location. Digital Assistants are gaining popularity these days. Some of the popular digital assistants include Siri, Google Now, Blackberry Assistant and Facebook M. As technology grows the way people search online has also changed. People have started using voice search on their smartphone and tablets. Google voice search is popular on Android devices. People find it easy to voice search instead of typing. So how do we create a content and SEO marketing strategy for this new way of search?

a) Having your Google My Business listing up-to-date can increase your chances of showing up on a voice search

b) The keyword strategy should include long-tailed conversational search terms

c) Focus on the featured snippet (Incorporation of content listing styles with – number, bullet point, list, Q&A, tables)

d) In case you have an application, try app indexing (allow Google index your application)


2. Online Video for SEO

With the increase of video as a marketing strategy for businesses, it becomes important to focus on SEO Techniques & Strategies for them too. Video can be a powerful form of content when used with SEO optimization. Creating the video with keeping the target audience in mind will increase the conversion rate. Always try to bring in videos which are educational. Such videos attract a significant number of links, embeds and social shares. If your video isn’t of exceptional quality then it’s not going to attract a large number of links. Video content can be fantastic for increasing conversions on any website through SEO optimization. Many brands use videos on landing pages and on various other pages of their websites to keep visitors engaged and, eventually, convince them to make a purchase. Increasing conversions with video aren’t only about what you show the visitor once they land on your website, but also what you show the visitor before they even get there. So consider to include rich snippets. Its one of the good SEO techniques to follow for the year 2018.

3. SEO Content

SEO strategy 2018 should work hand-in-hand with a basic SEO content marketing strategy. You should know your audience, business, and their goals. On consistent revamping of your content with images, infographics, and videos, you create compelling content for your target audience. This latest SEO technique of content optimization can help you improve your web page’s Google SERP ranking.

4. SEO Structured Data

Adding structured data (via Schema Markup) to your website allows Google to understand your site’s webpage better and shows it in the search result. Structured data will help you show more specific information to your customer. Search engines encourage webmasters to use structured data in your SEO strategy plan. Some of the benefits one receive on the implementation of structured data during SEO optimization include rich and enriched search results along with rich cards. These rich search results improve your CTR (click-through-rate) and drive additional visitors. It’s the latest SEO technique to follow to boost your organic CTR.

5. Linkless Link Building in SEO

Link building is used as an SEO marketing strategy to earn relevance and reputation to your web pages. With the implementation of Google’s recent algorithms (Penguin/Fred), SEO optimization has become riskier. Linkless mentions (mentions without a link) are the future of the link building and is an important trend to follow as SEO strategy 2018. A site’s authority and relevance are judged by its links, quality content, social signals, internal linking, mentions and traffic. The mention of your business or brand name without hyperlink is called as a linkless mention. Some of the examples of linkless mentions include your business or brand name mentions in a news story, review, forum, blog comments, podcasts and video transcripts. Building overall brand awareness and reputation is important for SEO strategy plan – link building. Online reviews, PR, Social media and guest blogging provide brand awareness. Tools like Google Alerts and Mention helps to track the brand mentions across the web. In case of local SEO optimization, local directories and review sites help to earn local links.

6. SEO Mobile First-Indexing

Google’s ranking system was based on the desktop. As Google announced its mobile first-index by November 2016, everything started to change. Mobile searching (users these days use more  mobile devices) leads to more conversion rate. If your site is a responsive mobile optimized site then you don’t have an issue. Mobile friendliness includes features like responsive design, site speed and user-friendliness. When your site is optimized for mobile, then you will rank better on both mobile and desktop. Site speed is a crucial ranking factor in SEO optimization for both desktop and mobile. Using responsive template, removing redirects and inclusion of optimized images decreases your mobile site’s load time. It’s a proven SEO technique to adapt for the year 2018.

7. Machine Learning for SEO

Google algorithms are updated and developed quite often. To succeed in the digital marketing industry with the occurrence of new algorithms and updates, few principles should be kept in practice. Expanding your keywords list with additional words (like related keywords- LSI Keywords) other than the synonyms is important. Focus on creating inclusive posts that attract your users. Analyze your visitor’s behaviour and provide the better user experience. Being skilled and dedicated to the proven SEO techniques will help you triumph. Keep an eye on above good SEO techniques to improve your organic results for the year 2018.

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