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eMarket Agency’s Facebook advertising services help businesses of all sizes transform their digital marketing strategies by:

  • Generating higher Facebook engagement through organic and boosted posts
  • Increasing referral traffic to your website from Facebook
  • Creating a solid fan base of returning customers
  • Collecting data—including contact information—about new and prospective customers


Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads are inexpensive and hyper-targeted. Effective Facebook ads can reach 1,000 people with less than $5-$10. Facebook targeted ads can reach your recent website visitors, email subscribers, and demographics of your customers. You can use Facebook ads to fuel your website with qualified traffic and more conversions.

As a Facebook advertising agency, eMarket Agency has a talented team of social media experts and creative designers who know what it takes to develop and implement effective Facebook ad campaigns for eCommerce, SaaS, Tech companies & Others.

Based on your company’s unique goals, our team will choose the best ad formats for your business and design branded ads with compelling copy that appeals to your ideal buyers. Through precise audience targeting, we make sure that your social media ads are being served to those who are most likely to be interested in your products. We will also monitor success and test different ad elements to optimize performance and drive growth.

Facebook & Instagram Services

Does your brand leverage Facebook data to create a revenue-generating advertising strategy? Transform big data into better decisions and customer experiences so you can increase your return on ad spend.

Only at eMarket Agency;

  • Persona-driven, ROI-first approach
  • Deep understanding & connections within Facebook
  • Leverage psychological drivers that push prospects to buy
  • Confidently run meaningful split testing to prioritize money making ads

Why eMarket Agency?

Our Facebook Advertising specialists will work with you on a month-on-month basis. Our Facebook ad management fees varies from Client to client. And, our fees never change based on your spend on Facebook. All of our work is done in-house and our specialists only work on Facebook Ads all day long. If we are unable to generate results for your business with Facebook ads, you can cancel our service any-time with a 30-day notice.

It’s time to scale.

Immediate Social Media Results!

We’ve created Facebook Ads for different businesses in many industries. We’ve learned what works, what to watch for and how to make changes as the campaign rolls out. We are much more efficient in getting the results you need to grow your business.

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